Dr. Vivek Salunke

One of the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon In Mumbai with over 28 years of experience in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries.
Dr. Vivek Salunke

Doctor Profile

Dr. Vivek Salunke

Dr. Vivek Salunke

M.D., D.G.O, (ObGyn)
Senior Consultant Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon & Excisional Endometriosis Surgeon

  • Dr. Vivek Salunke is a  Senior Gynaecological Endoscopic surgeon with 20 years of surgical experience.
  • He has been a Director at Nalini Speciality Hospital (3D Laparoscopic Centre) and Visiting Consultant at Lilavati Hospital and P.D. Hinduja, Khar Hospital.

Expertise :–

A) Advanced endometriosis surgery:-

  • Complex Endometriosis cases
  • Bowel Endometriosis
  • Bladder & Ureteric Endometriosis
  • Endometriosis affecting nerves

B) Laparoscopic Onco – Surgery:-

  • Cancer Cervix
  • Cancer Endometrium

Teaching faculty at :–

  • Johnson & Johnson Training Centre Mahim,
  • IMAST (Centre of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training) COVIDIEN
  • Has participated in training of Post-Graduates and undergraduates in Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy  at the various workshops organized by the multiple centers on regular basis.
  • Dr. Vivek has also been faculty at various national and international conferences, has delivered talks and has operated in live workshops.
  1. Advanced training in OncoSurgery and Laparoscopic OncoSurgery from Kidwai Memorial Institute of OncologySept 2018 under Dr Pravin Rathod.
  2. Advanced training at IRCAD CENTRE in Straussberg, France  under course director Dr Arnaud Wattiez  on Laparoscopic Pelvic Floor Repair in 2013.
  3. Trained under Dr.  Jörg Keckstein, a renowned authority on Endometriotic surgery, at Villach Regional Hospital Endometriosis Centre, Austria  in 2012.
  4. Advanced Training in Gynecological Oncology (Course Director: Dr Shailesh Puntambekar) (Jan 2011) Dept of Minimal Access Oncology, Galaxy Laparoscopy Institute. Pune, India.
  5. Advance Clinical Fellowship in Gynec Laparoscopy (Recognized by FOGSI) (Course Director: Dr Sanjay Patel) (Sept 2008) Department of Endoscopy, Mayflower Womens Hospital, Ahmedabad, India.
  6. Advance Clinical Fellowship in Gynec Laparoscopy (Recognized by FOGSI) (Course Director: Dr P G Paul) (May 2004) Department of Endoscopy, Kochin Gynecological Endoscopy Center, Kochi, India.
  7. Master of Obstetrics & Gynecology (MD) (Jan 1994 – Jan 1997) Topiwala National Medical College, Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India. Mumbai University. Dissertation : Hepatitis in Pregnancy.
  8. Bachelors of Medicine & Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS)   (1988 – 1992)   Mumbai University [67.3%].  Distinction in Obstetrics & Gynecology.
  9. Clinical Internship (Jan 1993 – Jan 1994) Nair Hospital, Mumbai.



Present position includes clinical assessment, pre-operative preparation of the patients and performing numerous basic and advanced operative endoscopic procedures.

Consultant at:-


Visiting Consultant at:-



POST PG EXPERIENCE (Nov 1998 – Jun 2001)

 Senior Registrar in Obstetrics & Gynecology. Bhagvati Hospital, Borivali, Mumbai. India.






  1. Faculty and Invited Video Talk in the ENDO-ART conference in Pune organized by Pune Obs Gyn Society and ISGE in Feb 2015.
  2. Operating Faculty at the Live endoscopy workshop “ MASTERCLASS_2015” at Akola Maharashtra organized by Akola Obs Gynae Society in Feb 2015
  3. Operating faculty at the AMOGS conference in Solapur-Maharashtra…performed live endoscopic surgery in Feb 2015
  4. Faculty at G-ROS 2014 live operative workshop on advanced laparoscopy organized under Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences in Pune in Nov 2014. Presented a talk on “Laparoscopic Myomectomy- Tips and Tricks”
  5. Operating Faculty in Nagpur Hysteroscopy Carnival and presented talk on Hysteroscopy in Gynaec Malignancy in Nov 2014
  6. Operated at the live Endoscopy workshop and presented a paper on Hysteroscopy Tips and tricks at the IAGE and Aurangabad Obs Gynaec Society workshop in Sept 2014
  7. Organized and operated at the live Endoscopy workshop in June 2014 in association with Association of Thane Gynecologists at Kaushalya Medical Trust Foundation Thane
  8. Operated live at the IAGE-LOGS(Latur obs and gynae society) laparoscopic conference in Latur in Feb 2014
  9. Won the first prize in the invited video presentation at the ENDOART Conference in Pune in 2014
  10. Faculty at the 3rd annual conference of PAGES – Pune in March 2014-faculty at the laparoscopic suturing workshop and paper presentation on “Lateral Metroplasty and Septoplasty”.
  • Chapter – “Laparoscopic Myomectomy Techniques : Incision, Enucleation, Suturing and Morcellation” in the book “Textbook on Fibroids” by B Ramesh and Chaithra TM and published by CBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd


  • Chapter – “Complications in Hysteroscopic Surgery-Prevention and Management” in the book “A Manual of Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery” lauched by Jaypee brothers in 2015.


  • Chapter – “Complications in Hysteroscopy” in the book “ The Fine Art Of HYSTEROSCOPY” By Paras Medical Publisher Edited By Dr Osama Shawki and Dr Sushma Deshmukh in Nov 2014


  • Chapter in “ Philosphy of Endoscopy in Infertility” in the book-“Reproductive Medicine-Challenges, Solutions and Breakthroughs” edited by Dr Gautam Allahbadia in 2013.
  • Contributed several papers in National Journals in Gynaecology and Reviewer of articles in Journals.

Services Offered

  1. Endometriosis Surgeries.

  2. Fibroid Surgeries.

  3. Previously abandoned Surgeries.

  4. Previous Multiple Laparotomy surgeries.

  5. Fistula Surgeries.

  6. Reconstructive Surgeries.

  7. Pelvic Floor Repairs.

All Complex surgeries are managed using multidisciplinary team approach.

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The best ever GYNIC LAPAROSCOPIC SURGEON in India is Dr Vivek Shalunke sir. He is Gifted man to the women's treatment which is impossible but be makes it possible. Everyone has their own skills but this Doctor skills of level is very high and high. Thank you so much Dr Vivek sir, Thanks a lot. Second comes to Meher ma'am (the fantastic capability of Co-ordinater). Thirdly to the Sisters and Nursing staff....they are really best in hospitality and caring the patient, and finally the Moushis who has the great heart of caring the patient for 24hrs....and all the admission to discharge process is very fast and good. Specialist in this hospital is The High Ranking Operation Theatre and the Doctors Team. From Pt Shailaja Raju (From Andhra Pradesh) To Dr Vivek Shalunke sir and Vivek Multispeciality Hospital (Goregaon West)Sajesh Sunder tagaramJune 29, 2022
Very friendly and professional doctor indeed. Asked if we need anything else to improve our stay here in Nalini speciality hospital. Highly recommended doctor. Thank you for the smooth surgery and hospitality towards us.Aishath IbrahimJune 28, 2022
I am myself a Gynecologist. Underwent Laprascopy surgery for Grade 4 endometriosis.It was a difficult one with bowel involvement as well but Sir made me feel optimistic. He performed the surgery so well that both my ovaries and uterus could be saved.Sir is an extremely skilled surgeon and a great and understanding person. Had an uneventful surgery and recovery under his guidance.Would recommend him to everyone for laproscopy surgeryhemlata kuhiteJune 28, 2022
My wife Pallavi underwent Hysterectomy surgery smoothly under Dr. Vivek Salunke and Dr. Shinjini Pande... Both doctors are excellent.... Very nice facilities and advanced setup.... The staff members and other doctors were helpful and kind as well👍Pramod TawdeJune 25, 2022
nalini hospitalJune 25, 2022
Dr. Salunke is one of the best surgeon in goregaon. highly recommend for fibroids surgery. Hospital staff are very nice treat like a family memberBhagwant GuraleJune 24, 2022
AVINASH RASAMJune 24, 2022
Dr vivek saluke is very good and polite dr..when he explains the case patient understands..very nicely...and i am very satisfied with him..thankyouShyam YadavJune 15, 2022
My experience with Dr Vivek and the team at Nalini Speciality was incredible. I had a complicated situation with a large fibroid and different Doctors I consulted we’re not able to give me too much hope with my situation. Speaking to Dr Vivek, his calm and cool demeanor was comforting. He was honest and advised about pros and cons about using other non surgical procedures vs laparoscopic surgery. He gave me the confidence about the procedure and outlined possible outcomes. The surgery was successful and I am most grateful to Dr. Vivek and the team for their skill and management of my case. Wish them all the best and highly recommend them for normal and especially complicated cases. Many many thanks!Sheryl HenriquesJune 14, 2022
Pankti VadhaniJune 14, 2022
I was facing the problem of endometriosis with heavy bleeding my age is 64 I was operated by Dr Vivek salunke on 06/6/22 ,and now I am free from all the pain and problems,all the staff is kind and very helpful thankyouPravina SuchakJune 13, 2022
subrahmanyam motupalliJune 11, 2022
Dr. Vivek sir has an outstanding operative skills,kind and very genuine person , hospital is very clean and hygiene, all the staff of hospital is very co-operative, helpful and caring . It is advisable one should visit for fibroids 👍👍👍Vandana PandeyJune 10, 2022
Seema MotupalliJune 9, 2022
Dr. Vivek sir has an outstanding operative skills,kind and very genuine person.He is the best doctor in the world .Dr. Vivek treated me in very best way &I was fine within two days after laproscopy. All thanks to Dr and his staff.Mohini KawdeJune 8, 2022
Sanjay LoyareJune 7, 2022
Afroz KhanJune 6, 2022
Dr.Vivek Salunke is an excellent doctor. He is a very supportive and caring doctor,he did my treatment with all care and have given a wonderful treatment.He is a great surgeon .I am very satisfied with his treatment.Would highly recommend .🙏🙏🙏Gopiballav MajiJune 3, 2022
My sister's operation was risky. She couldn't tell us about her excessive bleeding cause she is deaf and mute, autistic. ,Dr. Vivek Salunke has excellent skills. He did the laproscopic surgery so well and removed a large (extra large - 4kg) fibroid with minimum incision. My sister recovered within two days thanks to Dr. Vivek. Had it been an open surgery, my sister would have suffered a lot. He is really a genius and kind doctor. I can't thank him enough for his help. Really thank you, thank you so much sir.Krupali DhuruJune 1, 2022
Surgery was good. had a comforting experience with the doctor. From pre. To post surgery doct explained and made things clear and satisfyingAshwini LoyareJune 1, 2022
Excellent hospital excellent doctor and very homely atmosphere, dr Vivek Salunke is the most humble doctor I ever met in my lifesantosh khadtaleMay 28, 2022
Dheeraj MishraMay 27, 2022
My experience with dr Vivek Salukhe was very good.He explained me the procedure very well .I am very satisfied.shuchi saxenaMay 26, 2022
My wife was having complicated case of endometriosis and her surgery was attemted at 1 hospital and was abandoned because her bowel was stuckd with the uterus ..she underwent very complicated and successful surgery of endometriosis at Nalini speciality hospital by Dr Vivek salunke..now after 2 month she will go for fertility treatment .Rajesh YadavMay 25, 2022
Aniket SalunkeMay 24, 2022
Hi I am krishna chetan jain from Ahmedabad I recently had my scar endometriosis and spegelian hernia surgery by vivek sir,shinjini ma'am and yogen sir M writing this review s I myself came to know about vivek sir through internet and decided to consult him. I had a problem of scar endometriosis since 7 years I have already had one surgery for it before 4 years in ahmedabad but the surgery did not free me from my pains....it was not done properly Being in pain all the time even after a surgery felt like a curse Than we decided to go to Mumbai to search for the specialists for my problem.In Mumbai I met very renowned docs for my problem including vivek sir . But the very first conversation with vivek sir worked like a magic for me,his approach was the most convincing to me. Amidst so many docs in Mumbai I found him best for me Of course specialists are the most intelligent ones but he along with intelligence has all the other qualities which a patient seeks in his doctor Than coming back to ahmedabad I further stepped by an online consultation with Dr shinjini pande Super smart, intelligent and witty doc she is.👍 She vivek sir and yogen sir did my surgery together. I found them the most down to earth personalities in the field of doctors I have gone through I have met many many docs in ahmedabad and Mumbai regarding my problem Vivek sir and shinjini ma'am listened and solved my silliest queries and questions ,made me understand my treatment without any annoyance. With them I felt like a family. I am happy and 100%satisfied that I got myself treated by them I know many doctors have the intellect to treat me but did not find anyone connected to me but them I found sir and ma'am best for me Of all As just getting treated is not only the aim for patient but treatment with all due care,love,respect,solution and answers for all the queries is what I received from them. #Awesome intelligence#super best diagnosis#super ability to ease patients #best doctors Salutes to intelligence and noble nature of vivek sir Salutes to intelligence and wittiness of shinjini ma'am - ma'am u r a boon to females Salutes to intelligence and all the support of yogen sir Appreciation to whole staff of Nalini hospital andlilavati hospital especially Ms Meher and Mr Amit thank u so much Yes ,this is very little which I have written here 😀 Vivek sir ,shinjini ma'am , yogen sir and all staff connected to them will always stay in my prayers. Never ending good vibes from my side to treat others like me 🙏 Cross my fingers to never get that pain back I read in ur clinic something like Women are mend to stay happy and not in pain And yes sir and ma'am u truly work on it......👍🙏Krishna Chetan JainMay 22, 2022
Best laparoscopic surgeon Thankyou sirSuman KumarMay 17, 2022
I was suffering from adenomyosis and and endometriosis I was suffering from heavy bleeding and it was disturbing my day to day life..dr vivek solanke did my surgery so well that now I am free from all the plan and from all the problem..thank you do muchPriya BhekareMay 17, 2022
Best laproscopic surgeonMaria DsouzaMay 16, 2022
Dr. Vivek Salunke and his team were exceptional while I was a patient at the Nalini Speciality Hospital. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled doctor. Even though my case of extremely large and multiple fibroids (over 20 fibroids with largest one measured at 23cm) was very complicated, he still managed to pull off a successful surgery. His approach to my surgery was minimally invasive which resulted in a speedy recovery. I feel blessed to have had him as my surgeon and would recommend him to anyone needing surgery, particularly with complex cases like mine. He is very professional, understanding and compassionate towards his patients and his bedside manner is very good. From my first online interaction with his team while I was in South Africa to the time I spent in hospital in India, I was treated so well by the entire staff complement. The hospital is very clean and hygienic and the facilities are excellent by most standards.Teboho KoenaneMay 16, 2022
I was suffering from bowel Endometriosis and was in extreme pain while passing motion and sever constipation my bowel resection was done by Dr Vivek in Nalini speciality hospital, thankyou very much Dr Vivek salunke for guiding me for laproscopy surgery he is very experienced and confident surgeon.i will always recommend him for any problem related to laparoscopic and gynac.Maksuda ShaikhMay 12, 2022
It was pleased experience with Dr vivek salunke, my histerectomy laparoscopic was done Nd my recovery was also fast I am doing all my house hold work with no pain Nd no complaints..all my queries Nd doubts were clear..thank you so much Dr VivekPriyanka kasurdeMay 11, 2022
My neighbour nazima bilakhiya was suffering from bowel Endometriosis and I. she underwent bowel resection in nalini speciality hospital . She was having extreme pain while passing motions and sever constipation, she had consult many doctor.... But no use , thn she meet Dr vivek Salunke he is very professional take time to explain things , resolve problems, highly grateful for his experience and wide range of knowledge. Now she fully free from all the symptoms and pain Thanku!Jyoti Rahul RaneMay 11, 2022
Thanks very much Dr Vivek Salunke for guide me for laparoscopic surgery and u done successfully u give me good information and good explanation for this surgery u r great sir thanks for guide me allMadhura GosaviMay 9, 2022
(Translated by Google) Thank you to Dr. Vivek Salunke for his excellent services at Nalini Hospital (Original) डॉक्टर विवेक साळुंके यांचे नलिनी हॉस्पिटलमधील सेवा अत्यंत छान आहेत त्याबद्दल त्यांचे धन्यवादNilesh GothankarApril 30, 2022
Best laproscopic doctorAjit BabuApril 29, 2022
Yogendra PednekarApril 26, 2022
Good experience. Very professional and caring facility. We had a very good experience with Dr Salunkhe. Would recommend him for his skills, care and transparency. Thank you Dr Salunkhe.itsmeyateen shindeApril 26, 2022
My experience with Dr Vivek Salunkhe was very nice. He is not even good surgeon and doctor but he is nice human being, very co operative. He is very much experienced and confident surgeon. I will always recommend him for any problem related to laparoscopic and gynac.Prashant BidkarApril 26, 2022
sonal moreApril 23, 2022
Pradeep GuptaApril 22, 2022
From the very basics to mains very well managed. Me being the patient , got best of the treatment. Operation carried out very well . I suffered from multiple dermoid cysts, which if not cured properly would hv gone real bad . But thanks to dr vivek , dr shruti and the entire team, they eliminated all the risk factor and saved everything 👍 . Dr vivek is an extremely cooperative and super friendly doctor ! Also the staff is very nice , took care of everything very well . All the maids , nurses , doctors overall everyone is a hands down go to team ! Perfect laparoscopy done !Gracy ShahApril 19, 2022
dnyaneshwar maneApril 16, 2022
one of the best laparoscopy surgeon, my daughter has multiple cyst in ovary, they treated it with latest 3d laparoscopy surgery, all doctors & staff at Nalini hospital is too good, they tkg care of each n small things abt my daughter, hospital infrastructure is also awesome, all facilities available, best part of it they charged very less in comparison of other famous n big drs, dr vijvek salunke is well known surgeon, they r very calm n gvg answer if our each questions they solving our each doubts, i m suggesing these dr most, among all other drs, thankyou dr salunke & his team.Gracy ShahApril 15, 2022
Sumit PatilApril 14, 2022
It wsa very nice and excellent experience for me . Thank you for everything .Anil MauryaApril 14, 2022
I’m extremely thankful to Respected Shri Dr Vivek Salunkhe, Respected Dr (Mrs) Shinjini Pande and their entire hospital team for having operated on my aged mother. The love, care and concern showed by the doctors and their entire team and staff was the driving force behind my mother’s positive attitude throughout the course of hospital stay and a speedy discharge from the hospital as well. Their hospital ‘Nalini Speciality Hospital’ indeed offers an advanced health care to women for a varied health related issues. Endless gratitude towards the great doctors and their entire team. Myself and my family will forever be grateful to the entire team. Warm Regards.Pk DeshpandeApril 5, 2022
Dr Salunke should be consulted for any gynaecological treatment which needs laparoscopic surgery...best treatment and resultsUma DabholkarApril 4, 2022
Pleased to have such experience doctor, helped a lotShashank TeliApril 2, 2022

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