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One of the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon In Mumbai with over 28 years of experience in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries.

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We are center for excellence in laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures in Mumbai. Our team is among the most experienced gynae-endoscopic surgeons.

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Dr. Vivek Salunke

M.D., D.G.O, Gynaec Endoscopic Surgeon Consultant Gynaecologist

  • Dr. Vivek Salunke is a  Senior Gynaecological Endoscopic surgeon with 20 years of surgical experience.
  • He has been a Director at Nalini Speciality Hospital (3D Laparoscopic Centre) and Visiting Consultant at Lilavati Hospital and P.D. Hinduja, Khar Hospital.

Expertise :–

A) Advanced endometriosis surgery:-

  • Complex Endometriosis cases
  • Bowel Endometriosis
  • Bladder & Ureteric Endometriosis
  • Endometriosis affecting nerves

B) Laparoscopic Onco – Surgery:-

  • Cancer Cervix
  • Cancer Endometrium

Teaching faculty at :–

  • Johnson & Johnson Training Centre Mahim,
  • IMAST (Centre of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training) COVIDIEN
  • Has participated in training of Post-Graduates and undergraduates in Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy  at the various workshops organized by the multiple centers on regular basis.
  • Dr. Vivek has also been faculty at various national and international conferences, has delivered talks and has operated in live workshops.

Patients Testimonials

Excellent Doctor for Endometriosis.rahul singh chouhanJanuary 19, 2022
Had a fantastic experience, was suffering from endometriosis for last 6-7 years. Got total relief. Dr vivek salunkhe had made the whole procedure very comfortable and made us understand every minute things.Shweta BasuJanuary 15, 2022
MY relative was operated with Dr vivek saluke at Nalini speciality hospital ,I am very happy with the treatment. Her endometriosis surgery was managed very well. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable doctor ThankyouMehsher MemonJanuary 15, 2022
Dr Vivek Salunke sir is a very good Doctor & genius man I have ever seen, all staff are also very good.Ritu AwasthiJanuary 5, 2022
Dr. Vivek Saluke, his team of Doctors and the staff members are very caring and friendly with patients. It was awesome experience to get treatment at the facility. I would recommend this hospital to all patients. Best regards Vikas RaneVikas RaneJanuary 3, 2022
I was having huge fibroid,with heavy bleeding.. And in Barrable pain..I was operated by Dr vivek salunke not only my surgery done With great expertise but the over all care that was given to me was beyond words Thanks a lotARSHAD QureshiDecember 31, 2021
We love Dr Vivek and his entire staff. He is down to earth and the staff of Nalini speciality hospital are like family Highly greatful for his and Dr Shinjini pande's team all with wide range of knowledgeSiva RanjaniDecember 31, 2021
Ashish DandekarDecember 31, 2021
Got recommendation for sir from a friend outside Mumbai. Sir being very good in endometriosis, got excellent results. Operation done by sir was very smooth, and post op recovery was very satisfying.nildoc 1982December 30, 2021
I am a Gynaecologist with approx 42 years experience who has recently undergone Hysteroscopy with frozen section followed by Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy, performed by Dr Vivek Salunke. Being a doctor and at the same time a patient, I would like to share my experience as under: Dr Salunke is an excellent laparoscopic Surgeon. With the ease and patience he conducted the major operation lasting for few hours and kept updating my family members present outside the OT, making them very comfortable and relieved. My surgery went smooth, recovery was fantastic. Dr. Salunke is not only professionally exceled in the difficult job, but also as a human being the comfort he provided both before and after the operation is unparallel. His concern and care post operation till I left the hospital after two days of my operation was the best one I could think of. I could not have expected anything better and I am very fortunate having been under the kind care of Dr Vivek Salunke – a god’s sent doctor for me. He is very practical and approachable despite busy schedule. He missed a personal commitment to attend me. I and my family members wish to see him with all the success and we are sure to see him in the list of World’s few top Laproscopic Surgeons. I would like to highly recommend him for those patients who are in need of service of a highly specialised Laproscopic Surgeon, in addition to an experienced Gynaecologist God bless Dr Vivek Salunke.Deepa VaswaniDecember 30, 2021
Best laparoscopic endometriosis doctor In MumbaiRadhi GohilDecember 27, 2021
Good work Doctor and Nice Hospital.Nitu GuptaDecember 24, 2021
I m very thankful to Dr. Vivek Salunke Sir as he is the only doctor who diagnosed my disease of bowel endometriosis, adenomyosis and other issues with my symptoms on very first visit. I was misdiagnosed by many of docto rs. He explained me everything about my disease and made me assure of everything regarding surgery.. as it is said doctors r next to God and for me SIR is the one. He has taken care of each and every little thing which I hv told him. I was not even 0.1% nervous at the time of surgery. I don't hv words to express my gratitude for him. He is most generous humble and responsible doctor I hv ever met.. He is the best surgeon. I will recommend him to everyone who is suffering from the disease like mine.. May he b blessed a with best blessings of the Almighty. Thank you so much sir..🙏🙏NANDITA JAINDecember 19, 2021
With the kind of suffering I have gone through for endometriosis, Dr.Salunkhe has come as a blessing. Very cordial and is understanding. The entire process from beginning to after operative follow up has been awesome. Thank you very much...Debajani HazarikaDecember 17, 2021
Nishita PotnisDecember 16, 2021
Dr Vivek Salunke is one of the best doctor in the world.Very skilful doctor and diagnosis is perfect. The way he deals with the patient is outstanding. We are very happy with doctor friendliness and explanation of the health issue. Very qualified and trustworthy doctor. May God Bless Him always 😇😇 . He took a systematic approach and remove the fibroid very skilfully. Fibroid was very complicated and it was intramural but hats off to the great man Dr Vivek Salunke. It is as if he gave a new life to my wife. Will highly recommend him to everyone for fibroid removal. Thank you once again doctor.Avi JakkulwarDecember 16, 2021
Dr. Vivek Salunke is one of the best doctor's for 3D laproscopic hysterectomy. I have known him since a long time. He ensured every essential need of my wife and took utmost care. She recovered very quickly and was out and about in no time, therefore, we whole heartedly recommend Dr. Salunke to anyone with gynecology related surgeries.Davis AntonyDecember 16, 2021
My wife had an operation 2 months ago and now she is absolutely fine and doing wellBenedict MartinDecember 16, 2021
Priya ParuiDecember 16, 2021
I'm glad to have known Dr. Vivek Salunke since the last 19yrs. Recently, I underwent a surgery for Total Hysterectomy and Cholecystectomy at Nalini Speciality Hospital under the able hands of Dr. Vivek Salunke and his team of expert doctors. Every aspect of Nalini Speciality Hospital is perfect, right from the team of experienced doctors, nurses and assisting staff. Thank you all for your care and concern.Juliana GraciasDecember 15, 2021
I had a laparoscopy for endometriosis removal and ovarian cyst removal on 21st November 2021. I got my surgery done by Dr. Vivek Salunke in Nalini Hospital, Goregaon East, Mumbai, India. I work and live in Dubai, and did my entire treatment from Dr.Vivek as I got a very good recommendation of him from my friends and relatives back in India. Indeed I made the best decision to get operated by Dr.Vivek. The surgery was successful One minute you are awake, and the next you are being woken up! I didn’t have any gas pain at all! I did hve slight abdominal pain as expected. A week later I can move about, not hurting so much as normal. My special thanks to Dr. Vivek and his entire team. Dr. Vivek, Thanks very much for an excellent procedure. From start to finish your staff was great. The pre- and post op nurses were excellent, and the anesthesiologist was excellent too… Thanks again for the professional service from all. Your surgical expertise and timely diagnosis made me well and brought me home alright. I found it so assuring the way you explained the situation, always answering all my questions with honesty and patience. Your warmth and caring for myself and my family will never be forgotten. Thanks & Regards, Pinky Swamy 971503791339Pinky SwamyDecember 15, 2021
My visit to Nalini Speciality hospital was such a wonderful experience.. I accompanied my wife there and we met Dr. Vivek Saluke and his team, he's such a warm hearted, humble and experienced doctor he gives hope and assurance to the patient... Nalini is the best👌Elijah Eric WazimeDecember 15, 2021
Wonderful hospital to do surgery, with warm hearted, loving,Doctor's Especially Dr Vivek Salunke and his team at Nalini speciality hospital for women is the best in Mumbai India, I will definitely recommend to all women who are having issues with their menstrual cycles, endometriosis, Asherman symptoms and related diseases for women. I did my surgery and I have seen results after 10years of struggle, May God bless you and your team .Thank you all for giving people a second chance in life. The entire staff, receptionist, nurses,carerous, cleaners,Sercurity services 5 star service you offered 👏👏👏🤝Continue doing the good job.Tiny Lindiwe Wazime WazimeDecember 15, 2021
Before coming here I was very doubtful nd scared bt after my surgery(it was on 22November) I am completely satisfy till today(4December). When I went to operation theatre,I was completely relax nd calm because I felt like I have come to one of the best Dr and hospital for laproscopy surgery because I had mate Vivek sir nd other staff before my surgery.All staff were very friendly, punctual and conscientious(I felt this when I was hospitalized as well as when I went for follow up after one week of my surgery)and hospital was like neat and clean home.I am recovering very fast,I am doing almost all my work myself.It was more than my expectation. I ll also write my feedback after getting completely fit.Namrata SinghDecember 4, 2021
Dr. Vivek Salunke is very good & soft spoken person & Excellent experience in his field , Drs vivek salunkhe explained me problem patiently and cleared my each and every question in positive way I underwent a major laparoscopic surgery and recovered . The level of service received in this hospital is very nice . Very professional admin staff & friendly nurses, Hospital room is very neat & clean , room is spacious I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends.HEENA SINGHDecember 2, 2021
Uma PitaleDecember 2, 2021
(Translated by Google) Dr Sir is the west of doctor in india before two jab child ke liye Mai apna Hope chod chuki thi tab Sir ka mujhe reference mila Sir ke hospital me meri tube revarsal surgery hue,35year ki Age ME mujhe baby boy hu thanks lot Dr salunke sir and shinjini ma'am (Original) Dr Sir is the west of doctor in india before two jab Child ke liye Mai apna Hope chod chuki thi tab Sir ka mujhe reference mila Sir ke hospital me meri tube revarsal surgery hue,35year ki Age ME mujhe baby boy hu thanks lot Dr salunke sir and shinjini ma'amSanju MauryaDecember 2, 2021
Dr Salunkhe is a gentle empathetic and extremely competent doctor. My surgery was smooth & recovery was fantastic. He is always available and responsive. I am glad i chose him to do my surgery All the best to him & his responsive teamMenon AlinaNovember 19, 2021
I dont know where to start but....... You are the most caring doctors we have ever known. Thanks to YOU and especially EACH and EVERY STAFF in Nalini Hospital for being so caring, punctual, understanding, dedicated and what not!! I must appreciate your efforts and dedication to the healing process. You are truly an amazing and brilliant human being. Thank you so much for everything sir.Venkat Mahesh KongaraNovember 12, 2021
Brilliant physician,extremely knowledgeable,quite personable,his staff is amazingSantosh SankheNovember 12, 2021
I had wonderful experience at Nalini hospital doctor vivek was very courteous helpful ,skillful and very modest person. He gave all the treatment of international standards. His staff is equally good. His skills are so good that after major surgery I walked out of hospital on my toes in 48 hrs.His anaesthetic team of Dr kalpesh shah is fantastic.I wish them well in all the future ventures.Rita PatravaliNovember 12, 2021
Amazing and co-operative staff, excellent hospitality. Overall a very good experience for the patientAnmol JollyNovember 11, 2021
Extremely satisfied with my Experience with Dr Vivek Salunkhe at Nalini hospital. Right from diagnosis to treatment to post care was handled brilliantly by him and his team. The Hospital staff is well trained and caring. Thankyou to each and everyoneNeha DedhiaOctober 23, 2021
Amit SrivastavOctober 11, 2021
It was a good experience. The treatment by the doctors and staff of Nalini Hospital was very good.Uday NadkarniOctober 9, 2021
I am really lucky through Dr. Sarah I found Dr. Vivek Salunke for my endometriosis an cyst treatment. He is one of the best laparoscopic surgeon, down to earth personlity and so kind including his staff. Thank you so much Sir .kala kundarOctober 8, 2021
We are very thankful to Dr Vivek Salunke and his team for conducting the satisfactory and successful laparoscopic surgery to my wife poonam Gupta at Lilavati hospital, and she is recovering with tremendous speed, and thanks a lot once again to Dr Vivek Salunke and his team,Pramod GuptaOctober 6, 2021
I am really glad I found Dr. Vivek Salunke for my endometriosis treatment. He is one of the best laparoscopic surgeon who is equally down to earth, kind and patiently answers all your doubts. He and his team’s expertise is highly commendable. Anyone who is suffering from serious gynaecological issues, I highly recommend to consult Dr. SalunkeSmitha RameshOctober 2, 2021
One of the best lapro surgeon(Dr Vivek Salunke). Also good hospitality and good staff(Nalini speciality hospital)Jalpa BarotSeptember 28, 2021
I was very satisfied and happy for my case to be handled by Dr. Salunke and his team. I was a high risk patient with a uterine fibroid that required multi modalities during the surgery. Throughout the process he was in touch with me to clarify any doubts or queries remotely as well as in person. As per the complexity of my case , he made sure that I have all my check ups with the best doctors in town which ran smoothly Dr. Salunke and his team made sure that I’m fully comfortable with the process and told me in and outs of it. I’m glad that my case was with him and his team.Sneha PantSeptember 28, 2021
Dr. Vivek Salunke did a great job with my Mother’s surgery. We had a wonderful experience with him and his team. He patiently explained everything to us in a very clear manner, and that too multiple times - I pestered him with a lot of questions. He’s very humble, patient, knowledgeable, sensitive, informative - we immediately felt at ease and felt confident in receiving expert medical care and going through with the surgery. He would never recommend unnecessary tests. His expertise in diagnosing the condition is commendable. They ensured we had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. During our stay at Nalini, we found it to be very hygienic and well maintained. The staff was great - they were always friendly, helpful, and kind. I’m glad I chose Dr. Vivek for my Mother's surgery and would highly recommend him to anyone.Sunaina MSeptember 18, 2021
We live doctor vivek Salunke,and his entire staff. He is down to earth and has a great bedside manner.they are like a extended family ,I would recommend dr Vivek to everyone seeking a kind,and brilliant doctor.TYBIM 310 JAIN POOJASeptember 16, 2021
Dr vivek salunke is a god send. He is very patient person who genuinely cares about his patients he always take time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand. He's diligent in making sure my health is the best it can be I would recommend dr vivek to anyone seeking a kind, co.passionate and brilliant doctorSuvarna KolekarSeptember 11, 2021
Hello....Dr.Vivek Salunkhe is one of the best doctor in India.....he is excellent n expert is his field....last week I have gone through laproscopy surgery ....but now I am absolutely fine.....back to regular work.... He is very kind and highly supportive. Really he will provide you a proper advice and treatment. I would highly recommend him. GOD bless him n his entire team👏👏..... don't hesitate to consult if you are facing any issue related to uterus or any other issue.....Rina MukharjeeSeptember 7, 2021
Got recovered very soon ... The staffs are so pleasant and comforting...The doctor's are well experienced and very welcoming...Paul PonnuduraiSeptember 6, 2021
We met Dr. Vivek Salunke at Nalini Specialty Clinic. I found him very experienced doctor with ease of handling procedures. The meeting helped us go cool and confident about our case. We thank met Dr. Vivek Salunke a lot.Ratna PSeptember 2, 2021
Dr.Vivek Salunke is one of the best doctors I’ve ever met. It's been said that doctors are next to god and he definitely proves it. A complicated surgery but his attitude of not given up was excellent. He is very kind and highly supportive.Will give you a proper advice and treatment. I would highly recommend him.Thanks....zainab nalwalaAugust 29, 2021
nalini hospitalAugust 27, 2021
The most skilful and best surgeon in town for laparoscopy. Surgery of my wife almost took 6 hrs 30mins. She was suffering from severe endometriosis with adenomyosis which was intervening her rectom. An open surgery was required to perform. But Dr Salunkhe did his best and made sure the laparoscopic hysterectomy is performed. My wife after surgery recovered in one week. She started walking in two days. She is now absolutely fine as Dr Salunkhe calls us to understand about her health. I am very lucky to know him in person and happy that I made a correct choice for such critical surgery of my wife.Rutesh SurveAugust 24, 2021
Manali ThakurAugust 23, 2021

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