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Best Endometriosis & Onco Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Vivek Salunke

M.D., D.G.O, (ObGyn)
Senior Consultant Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon & Excisional Endometriosis Surgeon with 25 years of experience.

Doctor Profile

Dr. Vivek Salunke

M.D., D.G.O, (ObGyn)
Senior Consultant Gynaecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon & Excisional Endometriosis Surgeon

  • Dr. Vivek Salunke is a  Senior Gynaecological Endoscopic surgeon with 25 years of surgical experience.
  • He has been a Director at Nalini Speciality Hospital (3D Laparoscopic Centre) and Visiting Consultant at Lilavati Hospital and P.D. Hinduja, Khar Hospital.

Expertise :–

A) Advanced endometriosis surgery:-

  • Complex Endometriosis cases
  • Bowel Endometriosis
  • Bladder & Ureteric Endometriosis
  • Endometriosis affecting nerves

B) Laparoscopic Onco – Surgery:-

  • Cancer Cervix
  • Cancer Endometrium

Teaching faculty at :–

  • Johnson & Johnson Training Centre Mahim,
  • IMAST (Centre of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training) COVIDIEN
  • Has participated in training of Post-Graduates and undergraduates in Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy  at the various workshops organized by the multiple centers on regular basis.
  • Dr. Vivek has also been faculty at various national and international conferences, has delivered talks and has operated in live workshops.
  1. Advanced training in OncoSurgery and Laparoscopic OncoSurgery from Kidwai Memorial Institute of OncologySept 2018 under Dr Pravin Rathod.
  2. Advanced training at IRCAD CENTRE in Straussberg, France  under course director Dr Arnaud Wattiez  on Laparoscopic Pelvic Floor Repair in 2013.
  3. Trained under Dr.  Jörg Keckstein, a renowned authority on Endometriotic surgery, at Villach Regional Hospital Endometriosis Centre, Austria  in 2012.
  4. Advanced Training in Gynecological Oncology (Course Director: Dr Shailesh Puntambekar) (Jan 2011) Dept of Minimal Access Oncology, Galaxy Laparoscopy Institute. Pune, India.
  5. Advance Clinical Fellowship in Gynec Laparoscopy (Recognized by FOGSI) (Course Director: Dr Sanjay Patel) (Sept 2008) Department of Endoscopy, Mayflower Womens Hospital, Ahmedabad, India.
  6. Advance Clinical Fellowship in Gynec Laparoscopy (Recognized by FOGSI) (Course Director: Dr P G Paul) (May 2004) Department of Endoscopy, Kochin Gynecological Endoscopy Center, Kochi, India.
  7. Master of Obstetrics & Gynecology (MD) (Jan 1994 – Jan 1997) Topiwala National Medical College, Nair Hospital, Mumbai, India. Mumbai University. Dissertation : Hepatitis in Pregnancy.
  8. Bachelors of Medicine & Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS)   (1988 – 1992)   Mumbai University [67.3%].  Distinction in Obstetrics & Gynecology.
  9. Clinical Internship (Jan 1993 – Jan 1994) Nair Hospital, Mumbai.



Present position includes clinical assessment, pre-operative preparation of the patients and performing numerous basic and advanced operative endoscopic procedures.

Visiting Consultant at:-



POST PG EXPERIENCE (Nov 1998 – Jun 2001)

 Senior Registrar in Obstetrics & Gynecology. Bhagvati Hospital, Borivali, Mumbai. India.






  1. Faculty and Invited Video Talk in the ENDO-ART conference in Pune organized by Pune Obs Gyn Society and ISGE in Feb 2015.
  2. Operating Faculty at the Live endoscopy workshop “ MASTERCLASS_2015” at Akola Maharashtra organized by Akola Obs Gynae Society in Feb 2015
  3. Operating faculty at the AMOGS conference in Solapur-Maharashtra…performed live endoscopic surgery in Feb 2015
  4. Faculty at G-ROS 2014 live operative workshop on advanced laparoscopy organized under Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences in Pune in Nov 2014. Presented a talk on “Laparoscopic Myomectomy- Tips and Tricks”
  5. Operating Faculty in Nagpur Hysteroscopy Carnival and presented talk on Hysteroscopy in Gynaec Malignancy in Nov 2014
  6. Operated at the live Endoscopy workshop and presented a paper on Hysteroscopy Tips and tricks at the IAGE and Aurangabad Obs Gynaec Society workshop in Sept 2014
  7. Organized and operated at the live Endoscopy workshop in June 2014 in association with Association of Thane Gynecologists at Kaushalya Medical Trust Foundation Thane
  8. Operated live at the IAGE-LOGS(Latur obs and gynae society) laparoscopic conference in Latur in Feb 2014
  9. Won the first prize in the invited video presentation at the ENDOART Conference in Pune in 2014
  10. Faculty at the 3rd annual conference of PAGES – Pune in March 2014-faculty at the laparoscopic suturing workshop and paper presentation on “Lateral Metroplasty and Septoplasty”.
  • Chapter – “Laparoscopic Myomectomy Techniques : Incision, Enucleation, Suturing and Morcellation” in the book “Textbook on Fibroids” by B Ramesh and Chaithra TM and published by CBS Publishers and Distributors Pvt Ltd


  • Chapter – “Complications in Hysteroscopic Surgery-Prevention and Management” in the book “A Manual of Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery” lauched by Jaypee brothers in 2015.


  • Chapter – “Complications in Hysteroscopy” in the book “ The Fine Art Of HYSTEROSCOPY” By Paras Medical Publisher Edited By Dr Osama Shawki and Dr Sushma Deshmukh in Nov 2014


  • Chapter in “ Philosphy of Endoscopy in Infertility” in the book-“Reproductive Medicine-Challenges, Solutions and Breakthroughs” edited by Dr Gautam Allahbadia in 2013.
  • Contributed several papers in National Journals in Gynaecology and Reviewer of articles in Journals.

Services Offered

  1. Endometriosis Surgeries.

  2. Fibroid Surgeries.

  3. Previously abandoned Surgeries.

  4. Previous Multiple Laparotomy surgeries.

  5. Fistula Surgeries.

  6. Reconstructive Surgeries.

  7. Pelvic Floor Repairs.

All Complex surgeries are managed using multidisciplinary team approach.

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Patients Testimonials

Nalini Speciality hospital is a heaven and Dr Vivek Salunkhe is GOD in human form. I had fear to operate hysterectomy sugery but after undergoing the laparoscopic surgery I had wonderful experience, it was painless and I was able to get up and walk the very same day almost after 4 hours post surgery. Dr Vivek Salunkhe is excellent, caring and down to earth person, difficult to get such doctors. I would highly recommend Dr Vivek Salunkhe and Nalini hospital. Staff also is caring and treats patients as a family member. Thanks a lot Sir for the best treatment given. GOD bless you.Priti TalawdekarMarch 30, 2023
I was sufering from severe endometriosis alongwith persistent backpain from past 2 years. Basically i am from West Bengal and have come to know of Dr.Vivek Salunke when i arrived at Mumbai. He has been a god send boon for me. I am extremely lucky that i went in Nalini Specialty Hospital for the management and treatment of my Endometriosis which i was suffering from past 10 yrs. Dr Vivek Sir is an expertise in laproscopy , with minimal invasion and blood loss my surgery was done and I was discharged soon.He regularly examined me everyday and even after discharge he made sure that I come for a checkup before I leave  Mumbai. He is very amicable in nature and he listened to my problems and cleared my doubts very patiently. Dr Shivani Mam and Dr Sujata Mam never made me feel alone. They looked after me after my surgery throughout.All the Nursing Sister's and hospital staffs have helped me recover all the more quickly. What made me more respectful towards Dr Vivek Sir is, this is the first hospital where I have seen empathy before profession. My stay at Nalini Hospital was indeed wonderful. Doctors are available round the clock. Me and my family were treated in the best way possible. I wish all the best and good luck to Dr.Vivek Sir and team, in all their future endeavours.🙏Dipannita DasMarch 27, 2023
Had the best experience at Nalini hospital. The staff cleanliness and prompt service is too good. It’s day 3 for me I’m already feeling so good. Dr. Vivek Salunke is the best in his field undoubtedly , so skilled, so soft spoken and the best human being. He is the best doctor I have ever seen. If you are suffering from endo or fibroids, go for it without any doubt! He is best doctor. May god bless each and every staff member of Nalini hospital.Disha NayakMarch 22, 2023
Eram SamaniMarch 21, 2023
It was really wonderful experiences we had. The treatment and services were just amazing. I thanks from bottom of my heart for each and every things.....the staffs lead by Priyanka mam and ofcourse top class Doctors team and dear one Dr. Vivek Salunkheji..... God bless you all..... keep up doing your great works..... thank you so much. Chhaya Umesh Shetty and familyRamkrishna R ChauhanMarch 21, 2023
Best teacher and best surgeonbhagyashree yewaleMarch 15, 2023
Amazing surgeon, teacher and human being.Ria KatwalaMarch 15, 2023
Best teacher,best gynaecologist and a very kind hearted human beingRohit KambleMarch 14, 2023
My mother had been suffering from endometriosis and adenomyosis for the longest time with no relief. She was always in pain no matter how many painkillers she took. We tried everything from hormonal therapies to IUDs. After many trips to the ER for pain management we have watched quite helplessly as her condition worsened. And then we heard about Dr. Vivek Salunke. He was just one google search away. We consulted him via WhatsApp and one MRI later he explained to us what needed to be done. He gave us hope and assured us that he could preserve her ovaries and proceed with the necessary procedure. He was always one phone call away and was very understanding. He provided us with the necessary documents and helped us at each step of the way. We are from Maldives and our time in Mumbai far from home was comfortable. The friendly faces and helping hands made the whole experience smooth and wonderful. Thank you doctor. We will always be grateful to you and your team for being like a family. You were always there for us. Consoling us, reassuring us and listening to our concerns. Always finding a solution to every query we had. From caring about whether we reached home safely and finding us other specialist doctors to whether our hotel was comfortable, you have been there. And we are beyond grateful. May God bless you. To anyone who haven’t had relief from this debilitating condition I would recommend Dr Vivek Salunke. Not only does he listen but he provides every patient with the most ideal treatment, listens to each and every concern and tries his best to remedy the problems.Aika WaseemMarch 11, 2023
Arina TamangMarch 11, 2023
Dr.Salunke was very confident and cordial about the laparoscopic surgery procedure with us, which was very reassuring to us. He was also very good about the post operative visits.Ram Narayan GuptaMarch 7, 2023
He is such a kind and good natured doctor and a very good person. Explained everything very patiently in great details. He kept checking on me several times while I was admitted. I have to say this is the best experience I have ever had with any doctor. Thankyou so much Dr Salunke!sneha choudharyMarch 3, 2023
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful concern in regards to my health and providing me with excellent medical treatment. Your thorough and accurate diagnosis and the treatment is much appreciated. Listening to patients concerns and providing recommendations post surgery is the best course of action.👍Kshipra PatilFebruary 26, 2023
Dr Vivek Salunke is one of Best Laparoscopic Surgeon.Sneha MahadikFebruary 24, 2023
I consulted Dr. Vivek Salunke for my long term endometriosis issue and other related issues. He is one of the most experienced doctor in this field and explained all the possible options we had and associated pros and cons. We decided to go for surgery and he ensured that throughout the journey you feel comfortable and informed. His confidence gave me courage to go for surgery and today I am so glad that I took the decision and consulted him. I have a much better life today and I can not thank enough Dr. Vivek. I will highly recommend him for any related issue. Kudos to him and his whole team.mahima rathodFebruary 16, 2023
Dr Salunke is the best surgeon. I got my hysterectomy done and he has been so patient from the first OPD till now and has answered all my questions,taken excellent care of his patients and his team of doctors are very efficient,well reachable,great level of communication with their sir and always give prompt responses. I shall recommend Dr Salunke for his expertise and team workhetal parikhFebruary 13, 2023
From my experience in US it’s always been my understanding that a patient’s cure and recovery not only depends on a doctor’s skills but also his/her’s camaraderie with the patient. Dr. Vivek Salunke champs both the aspects helping patients to build trust and confidence in distressed times. My interaction with Dr. Salunke started when we visited him first time in Mumbai for my wife’s endometriosis treatment. Before this we visited a ton of doctors in few cities in India but we never found the confidence that had during our first interaction with Dr. Salunke. He is an absolute gentleman, polite and never gets tired answering questions, and that to back him up with 28+ years of experience in Laparoscopic Gynaec Surgeries. My wife was scared of surgery and I was worried if she would have hard time going into the OT. But to my surprise she was smiling all her way to the OT and coming out of it in flying colours. The surgery was successful with the restoration of her original anatomy. We are immensely grateful to Dr. Salunke and his staffs for this entire journey and relieving us of the tensed moments. May God bless you Sir!!Abhisek MukherjeeFebruary 8, 2023
Excellent treatment and servicesshivapriya bhaskaranFebruary 8, 2023
My experience with Dr Vivek and the team at Nalini Speciality was incredible. According to my personal experience he is one of the best doctor in his field. He gave me the confidence about the procedure and really put my mind at ease. The surgery was quite successful that I'm being discharged in a day with no discomfort. Couldn't be more thankful to the doctor and his welcoming staff.Munni MouryaFebruary 2, 2023
I have been fighting with endometriosis for almost 20 years. Even after being treated in the best hospitals of Delhi-NCR and the United States, I never felt so confident as I felt with Dr. Vivek at Nalini Hospital. Dr Vivek is not only a skilled and knowledgeable doctor, but he truly cares. He listened and paid attention to every word of my long list of problems and patiently answered all questions I had. I never felt rushed or brushed off. I had my surgery for endometriosis at Nalini Hospital, Mumbai. At Nalini Hospital, I got the best doctor, the best staff and the best care. Thanks to the kind and compassionate staff of the Hospital for taking such good care 🙏Dimple LohumiFebruary 1, 2023
Avanti GujrathiJanuary 31, 2023
Wonderful experience with “Nalini Specialty Hospital”. Dr. Vivek Salunke is a wonderful surgeon, He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! From his excellent treatment, curiosity, investigative mind and ability to connect, you know where you stand immediately and what next steps look like. The staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose “Nalini Specialty Hospital” and would highly recommend to anyone. Thank You So much Dr. Vivek Salunke and team.DAKSHATA AMBAVKARJanuary 29, 2023
My daughter underwent surgery at Nalini Speciality Hospital , by Dr Vivek Salunke. I found Dr Salunke one of the best doctors I have ever met. His team and his hospital personnel made us feel at home all through our stay at his hospital. I wish him and his team all the best. We wish that his hospital continues to achieve great heights with the expertise and humility of Dr Salunke and his team.Harish NaithaniJanuary 25, 2023
Special thanks to dr.salunke for freeing my wife from suffering from endometriosis for the past 17 years. Very clean and neat hospital ,staff behaviour so good and helping.Geeta Spring WorksJanuary 23, 2023
Hospital was neat and clean Doctor and Ground staff was Good My wife experience was excellent throughout surgery. 👍👍👍 Thank you 👍👍👍Jamir KhanJanuary 22, 2023
Actually stars are less here!!!!! The best doctor ever... I am just 23 and suffering from deep endometriosis, adenomyosis. He explained everything so well. I am not afraid of anything now, just because of him.Just trust him blindly. Really very polite,humble and positive person. I still remember that moment, when I was on the bed in OT and holding vivek sir's hand with trust. Really he understands the patient very well. I will Just say he is the GOD in the dress of doctor. Thank you Vivek sir.. May God bless you with very healthy, wealthy and Happiest life.YASHA DANGAREJanuary 22, 2023
Dr. Vivek Salunke is good doctorKarthiksharma KarthiksharmaJanuary 21, 2023
Excellent hospital excellent treatment and proper guidance Doctor Vivek Salunke is best in his field and very patient.purvi sanghviJanuary 17, 2023
The experience with Dr. Vivek Salunke and the team has been phenomenal. He understands the problems well and is very caring and assuring towards the patient. He is a humble human being, who explained us each and everything in detail and addressed our queries patiently. He is highly skilled and confident. He performed a pretty complicated surgery with utmost care and precision. Post surgery, he followed up everyday to made sure my Mom is doing well. I am glad I chose Dr. Salunke for consultation and the surgery. Hands down the best gynac and laproscopic surgeon. Highly recommended 🙏 Thank you so much.Akash DeyJanuary 17, 2023
Dr Vivek Salunke is best endometriosis surgeon in Mumbai.gaurav vetalJanuary 13, 2023
Dr is very experienced and the centre is well maintained and the service is excellent and the staff is also good and cooperative.Khan AliJanuary 5, 2023
Very knowledgeable,simple,humble and experienced doctor @lilavati hospitalSheena SethiDecember 31, 2022
Dr Salunkhe is one of the best Doctors I have come across in my life. He and his team is just everything right that should be with a medical practice. He is an expert in his field and trust me after meeting and taking views of 7 doctors from Delhi, Mumbai and other cities I decided to go for my surgery by Dr Salunkhe. I suffered from excessive bleeding and pain during periods and was diagnosed with fibroids. Some doctors scared me that I have this and that. They also suggested hytectromy. Some other procedures which now I know wouldn't have been good at all. He saw my reports, didn't scare me. Handled and explained whole situation in detail and with patience. I got my surgery done in Hinduja due to cashless claim or else his nursing home is just very very good. Post surgery the doctor and team are always available for any doubt and questions. Doctor also took time to explain my parents everything and assure them. My insurer was making things difficult but Dr Salunkhe and his team helped me all along the way. His team and him go out of the way to help patients. Best doctor hands down!!Neha JainDecember 31, 2022
Balasaheb GhumreDecember 30, 2022
Dr.Vivek Salunke Sir is the best Surgeon and human being ever seen, We are fortunate to having you! All the paramedical and attendant all are very co operative and humble. we are impressed the hospitality, cleanliness and neatness of hospital. Nalini Speciality Hospital is not Hospital as well as Nalini Speciality Home. You are doing such noble work. Thank you so much #Dr.Vivek Salunke Sir....! All the best.!Sunil GhumareDecember 30, 2022
Dr.salunkhe he ek changale doctor aahe. Nit sarv samjaun rugnachi manat asleli bhiti sampvatat.uma ParabDecember 26, 2022
Very down to earth person and patiently explain in detail. Expertise in his fieldNandish ManiarDecember 22, 2022
poorav zaveriDecember 20, 2022
Excellent doctor I hv ever seen. My mom has got 3 surgeries simultaneously with the NALINI SPECIALITY hospital. Surgeries had included HERNIA, UTERUS REMOVAL & BLADDER REPAIR. During the hospitalized period the services that I received from NALINI SPECIALITY was excellent, had wonderful experience with Dr.VIVEL SALUNKHE. Polite & caring medical staff. Cleaning & all was fab. Great experience as a first timer..preeti vanarseDecember 19, 2022
Recently happened to Visit Dr Salunkhe at Nalini superspeciality hospital for my mother and it was a great experience overall..He is the best surgeon to do Lap gynaec procedure with the most promising results.I being a surgeon myself was very happy with his surgical skills and the way he deals with his patients..Excellent surgeon and the most humble doctor you can ever meet.👍👍Mitesh ValviDecember 8, 2022
Wonderful doctor! I got discharged today after my surgery for multiple uterine fibroids and I am glad I got operated here! Dr. Vivek Salunke is truly a great doctor and highly skilled. My case was a complicated one, and that's why my gynaecologist friend, Dr. Parita Dalvi recommended that I come here. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Vivek, Dr. Aarti, Dr. Saloni, Dr. Sujata, Dr. Shivani and other doctors. They are very encouraging and truly care about the patient's recovery. The nurses, Dipali sister and others, are extremely well trained and make you feel at home with their quick responses and service. The maushis, Darshana maushi, Shobha maushi and others taught me how to move about to minimize pain - their experience and help made a huge difference. Even the food they serve here for the patients and relatives is really nice and from a home-made place. The attention to detail they have paid in every little thing is truly commendable. I couldn't ask for more! Heartfelt thanks for everything! To all the women who need to undergo a surgery for fibroid or endometriosis, I strongly recommend this place. Although I live in the US, I am glad I got operated here. The doctors are amazing and so are the other post-operative services. No wonder they have such high reviews from all their patients!Youthika ChauhanDecember 8, 2022
When I found out about my Fibroid of around 17cm, I was worried and scared, but Dr. S.D. Shinde my gynaecologist suggested Dr. Vivek Salunkhe from Nalini Speciality Hospital, Goregaon East, for the surgery to be taken immediately. Dr. Vivek Salunkhe gave me full courage, supported me and made me feel comfortable. He took utmost care about my health and the surgery was a success. The hospital staff was also very friendly and caring. Thank you for everything.Neeta PendseDecember 7, 2022
Very good experience with Vivek sir. Very nice surgeon.mamta devadigaDecember 2, 2022
Dr. Salunkhe is a very humble and experienced doctor. His humility and down to earth nature. He is very transparent and responsible. He will handle the patient with so much care. Thank you so much Dr. Vivek. You came like an angel for me.Sanitra GomesNovember 30, 2022
(Translated by Google) sir is god for us (Original) सर तो हमारे लिए गॉड हैSudhakar BodadeNovember 29, 2022
Respected Sir & madam are A1. Sir & madam are friendly to patient, that feel tension free to patient before start treatment. Respected Sir & madam are much more experienced, can solve complicated & tricky cases easily. Hospital having advanced technology to treat patient. All Staff are cooperative, helpful, & polite. Hospital also hygine, neat & clean. Consultation, pre surgery, post surgery, followups are best.Gauri ChaudhariNovember 25, 2022
riteshsing chaudhariNovember 25, 2022
Prakash BagrechaNovember 21, 2022
Heartfelt sincere gratitude to Dr Salunkhe for his utmost care, concern and above all the empathy that he delivered throughout my interaction both pre, during and after hospitalization.A wonderful surgeon and and a very humble human being! Thank u Sir!Renuka NelloreMarch 29, 2022

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