Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis Treatment


Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis Treatment in Mumbai


Deeply infiltrative endometriosis is a rare and severe form of endometriosis. Like other forms of endometriosis, it causes uterine lining-like tissue to grow in other parts of the body.

In this form endometriosis has spread to organs which are near to the pelvic cavity. Affected organs can be bladder, intestine, reproductive system and nearby organs. It causes inflammation that leads to scar tissue called adhesions.

Most of the studies recommend of Surgical resection of endometriosis lesions it help reducing pain. The complication in this type of surgery has been estimated around 4 and 6% of cases with a high rate of de novo neurological disorders.

The surgical treatment of DIE is the same as that of frozen pelvis. It consists of minimally invasive techniques, also known as advanced laparoscopy.