God could not be everywhere so he sends a DOCTORS with excellance and selflessness. I m very thankful to you Dr.Vivek Salunke As i was very afraid to do the operation but once the same was done by you, It was like a very small thing and today i am 100% healthly n enjoying my normal life.hospital staff also very cooperative and helpful.again thank you very much doctor.shashikala pillaiOctober 21, 2020
One of the most humble and polite doctor I have ever met. He operated my uretus and surgery went on very well. Within 4-5 days I was absolutely fine. Quite less pain comparatively post surgery. I m absolutely happy. He explains everything very well.Jyoti DhakadOctober 17, 2020
A very good experience. My wife's surgry was little comlicated but Dr. Salunke did it with very efficiently and succesfully. He also gave morale support which was very crucial for speedy recovery.sachin shirodkarOctober 17, 2020
Thank you Dr.vivek salunke and Dr. shinjini pande and your hospital staff 👍ashish pandeyOctober 8, 2020
Its my great luck that I got to know about Dr. Vivek Sir. I got operated on 30th Sep. Surgery was successfully done and all the doctors were very supportive, time to time checking, staff is immensely helpful, hospital is very clean and very well maintained. In the pandemic situation I with my parents easily spent 3 days without any worry. Extremely qualified doctor and very gentle to talk. Thank you team Oyster.Harsha PareekOctober 7, 2020
Santosh ShewaleOctober 7, 2020
Recently got operated for a ovarian tumour under Dr. Vivek Salunkhe at Oyster hospital. The hospital is well equipped with the latest 3D laparoscopy technology. Dr. Salunkhe being a very calm and skilful surgeon as well, the whole journey of pre and post surgery went extremely smooth and easy. I’m very grateful to the whole team of doctors, nurses and caregivers at Oyster hospital. I highly recommend him for gynaecological advice.Shirin HegdepatilOctober 4, 2020
I opted to get admitted at Oyster for lapro myectomy admist this corona fears as the pain was unbearable and huge blood loss meant I felt exhausted all the time!! I had multiple uterine fibroids (4 big ones measuring 3,4,5 and 7cm) and one ovarian cyst (7cm) and I chose oyster over any other big hospital cause they have latest technology, 3D m/c that's not available in either Hinduja or even Lilavati and they are very empathetic!! My experience has been very good. Vivek sir and his team of docs are exceptional with lapro op, staff is prompt and helpful, hygiene and proper care is taken by the hospital. I was under constant monitoring and watchful eye due to past history of posteclampsia and DVT so the best docs were consulted and monitored me. They don't charge you a bomb or greedy like other hospitals, indeed they make you feel at home. I strongly believe that a doctor's skills are determined by how soon you recover and I did have a fast recovery. I will know the ease in my symptoms or discomfort due to fibroids only in next 2-3 months. Overall I would recommend this hospital and Dr. Vivek for lapro surgery - you are in safe and able hands. Big plus is that he will hear you out and recommend the best solution even if that means you should not get operated or treated by him or won't find much relief post op, rarely docs do that these days. They dont recommend unnecessary tests either, I must say they are very humble and kind people. Big Thumbs Up 👍Netra LOctober 2, 2020
Dr vivek and his team transformed my life.I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis where in all my organs were stuck to form a frozen pelvis.I also suffered from adenomyosis.I was operated twice prior to having a surgery with Dr vivek ,once in Goa and once in the UK with top endometriosis surgeons however none of them could do a successful surgery,in fact the surgeon in Goa told me I would die if I was operated again and the surgeon in the Uk just opened me up , saw the complications and closed me up and sent me home.I was struggling with daily pain,forced to take 2-3 pain killers every four hours in addition to problems with conception.After the two surgeries I decided to research about the disease and came across Dr vivek’s YouTube channel wherein he performed complicated and severe excision surgeries on endometriosis,adenomyosis and other gynaecology issues. I was so happy that there is hope.This month the pain was unbearable and in my desperate hope I reached out Dr Vivek.The first thing I noticed was that he listened,whereas other doctors would just shut me up and tell me what they think.He listened to my every symptom and understood my disease and offered me the best options.He didn’t force his thoughts on me but rather discussed what could be done to relieve my pain and preserve my fertility.From the initial consultation I was convinced that if someone can help me it was him.I had my surgery with him this month,and he made sure that our travel from Uk was hassle free even during corona times.The team is very efficient and our stay,meals and all our pre op appointments were scheduled systematically .The nurses ,housekeeping staff gave us warmth and homely feeling where we felt welcome and cared for.It didn’t feel like it was a hospital ,but a well cared home.when I woke up From the surgery I knew i was healed cuz I felt so different compared to my other surgeries.I felt no pain and was able to move around in just a day,it only goes to show how the skills of a surgeon can make all the difference.I cried in the silence of the night cuz I was finally at peace after battling this disease for a long time.I would Like to thank and recommend Dr vivek a million times if I could,he can handle all complicated gynae surgeries with definite ease.Even though he is the best ,they don’t charge you a hefty sum and their treatment is very transparent and cost effective ,I paid three times more for my surgeries in the Uk but never got even half the relief I got here .So please don't think twice before being operated by him.A good doctor treats the disease but the best doctor treats the patient.Dr Vivek is the best of the best.Sylvia FernandesSeptember 30, 2020
manisha shirbhateSeptember 28, 2020
remix kapoorSeptember 7, 2020
mother and me coming from sangli to do surgery. the surgery is very difficult to do In sangli we go many Dr's to do the operation They are not confined to do operation I was waried what to do. I was searching in Internet best Laparoscopic Surgeon..... I was see the oysterhospital website ..... We call dr vivek salunke tell every thing His confidence to do this operation we are Very happy we come to Mumbai he arranged everything to do the operation..the facilities in the hospital is outstanding ...... The staff are very friendly and helpful the hospital is very Hygienic and clean I was very happy to do operation from here (main reason to come do this operation he is surgeon + gynecologist) Thanks you every Dr's and staff............NAVAJITH YADAVAugust 28, 2020