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Tuboplasty: Definition, Procedure, Success rate, Cost in Mumbai

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Why is Tuboplasty performed?

Tuboplasty is a procedure which is performed to reverse blocked fallopian tubes. The blockage in fallopian tubes is caused by infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease, and adhesions caused by previous surgeries. Fallopian tubes are part of the female reproduction system; they are responsible for delivering the egg (ova) from ovaries to the uterus. Therefore, blockage in the fallopian tubes may lead to infertility and tuboplasty can increase chances of getting pregnant if infertility is caused due to fallopian blockage

What is the success rate of  a Tuboplasty?

Tuboplasty is a common and safe procedure. Tuboplasty is known to have a success rate of 94.8% and the chance of clinical pregnancy rate post surgery is 28.9%. The risks involved with tuboplasty are as follows:

  • Damage to organs near the fallopian tube
  • Bleeding

Another major risk of tuboplasty is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a case of pregnancy in which the fertilized egg starts to grow & develop in the fallopian tube (or any place other than the womb). Such a pregnancy can’t be continued as a normal pregnancy and if not managed, it poses danger to the mother.

  How is Tuboplasty performed?

The following procedure is normally followed during a tuboplasty:

  • In order to determine area and extent of damage, the doctor may use imaging techniques such as x-ray & ultrasound.
  • After determining the above, the doctor will proceed with tuboplasty. This is usually done with laparoscopy – a procedure where a small, lighted instrument known as laparoscope is inserted into the patient via incisions made near the abdomen area. Based on the condition of the fallopian tube the doctor may remove scar tissues, create new opening or perform a resection on the fallopian tubes.

 How much time is required to recover after tuboplasty?

The recovery time may vary from case to case. Tuboplasty can be an outpatient surgery, i.e. the patient may leave the same day. The patient may eat and walk the same day. The best time to conceive after such a surgery is during the months following the surgery. However you must consult your doctor about the same.

What is the cost of blocked fallopian tubes treatment – Tuboplasty  in Mumbai?