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Ovarian Cystectomy: Overview, Risks, Procedure, Recovery & Cost in Mumbai

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What is ovarian cystectomy?

Ovarian cystectomy is a surgical procedure to remove ovarian cysts. An ovarian cyst is a closed sac like structure which contains fluids. They develop in the ovaries of a woman; they can affect one or both the ovaries. The ovaries are part of female reproductive system; they are small and have a shape similar to beans. They are present on either sides of the womb. The ovaries are responsible for two important functions:

  • To release an egg every 28 days, thus playing an important role in menstrual cycle.
  • To release hormones like estrogen & progesterone

What are the risk factors to consider?

The main complication is to avoid damage around the organ near the ovaries such as the fallopian tubes and uterus.

What is the Procedure of  ovarian cystectomy:

Ovarian cystectomy may be performed with laparoscopy or laparotomy. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed with the help of a laparoscope – a small and lighted instrument which relays video to a monitor. The following is the procedure:

  • The doctor may administer you general anesthesia.
  • The doctor will make a small incision (5-15 millimeters) in your lower abdomen region.
  • The doctor will gently pump carbon dioxide through the incisions; this is done in order to inflate the abdomen and give the doctor a better view.
  • The doctor will insert the laparoscope through the incision.
  • When the doctor encounters the cysts he will remove it or if the laparoscopy is being performed for diagnostic purposes the doctor will remove a sample of tissues.
  • The carbon dioxide is removed and dressing is applied to the incision.

How long will it take to recover from this surgery?

Depending on the size of the cyst the doctor may remove only the cyst, part of the ovaries or the complete ovary. Recovery in case of non-cancerous cysts may take up to weeks, but this can vary from case to case. The doctor may prescribe you anti-inflammatory drugs to subdue any pain.  

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