Endometriosis Symptoms

Painful Periods:-

Pelvic pain may begin before and may extent several days after periods and may have increased over time. Pain may extent to lower back, thighs, legs etc.

Pain with intercourse:-

Pain during or after intercourse is common in this disease.

Pain with bowel movements or urination:-

This might be present especially  during menses. Some patients might have bleeding in stools or urine during periods.

Excessive bleeding:-

Patients may get occasionally heavy bleeding in between periods.

Inability to achieve pregnancy:-

This condition can make a women infertile and is diagnosed first when this women seek treatment for achieving pregnancy.

Other rare symptoms:-

Because this disease can involve the far away areas and organs outside the pelvis this can cause rarely odd symptoms like

  • Chronic pelvic pain unrelated to periods
  • Hip pain/groin pain
  • Rarely pain in chest or shoulders or near kidney areas during periods