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Endometriosis Diagnosis

Endometriosis can be treated effectively with the proper diagnosis. So, your doctor will perform one or more of the below tests to diagnose this issue.

  • Detailed History

Your doctor will examine you and note down all your health details and also if there is any history of Endometriosis in your family. Also, your doctor can perform the health assessment to examine if there are any other long term disorders.

  • Ultrasound 

Your doctor may perform a transvaginal or abdominal ultrasound to examine the ovary. In Transvaginal ultrasound, the doctor may insert the transducer into your vagina. These ultrasounds will provide images of the reproductive organs, which helps the doctors identify the cysts present in the ovary.

  • Laparoscopy

This is the only method that helps to diagnose Endometriosis by viewing it through the small surgery known as laparoscopy. And once it is diagnosed, the tissue can be removed using the same procedure.

  • MRI:

MRI is another test that can be used to diagnose Endometriosis. It is used to view the severe form of the disease when the ovarian cysts affect the vagina, bladder or rectum. It is also used to diagnose extra pelvic Endometriosis in the lungs and diaphragm.

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