What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a painful disease affecting women which was mentioned in medical literature more than 300 years ago. In this disease the tissue (called as Endometrium) which normally lines the inside of the womb or uterus and which is normally shed off with blood during periods, grows outside the uterus

Now, this tissue which is abnormally placed continues to act as it would that is, it becomes thick and then breaks and bleeds like the uterine lining during each period. So this tissue and bleeding in each cycle gets trapped inside the body and this irritates the other surrounding tissues and forms collections and hard areas(nodules) and gets attached and adherent to surrounding organs and causes pain and  functional problems.

About the video

This video demonstrates the step by step protocol based conservative approach used in the surgery of a case of Severe Endometriosis. This surgery also demonstrates the technique of Pelvic Retroperitoneal dissection and space creation for the purpose of clearance of Endometriotic tissue and nodule.